Monday, January 7, 2013

A demonstration in Las Vegas

In October 2011, the Las Vegas Kyudo Kai members were invited to perform a demonstration at the Second Annual Las Vegas Aki Matsuri, in the Chinatown Plaza.

Thanks to the very kind permission of the CraftyChick blog, we are able share a few photos of the demonstration, which she took at the event (visit the link to her blog, to view more images of the Aki Matsuri).

First up, here is Don-Sensei, demonstrating at the makiwara (straw shooting target):

Here is a demonstration of gomuyumi practice.  The term "gomuyumi" may be interpreted as "baby yumi", and is used in place of the full-sized bow, for beginners, and also to work on building strength and practicing the draw.

Finally, we performed a four-shooter demonstration, in Rissha, or standing form:

Once again, many thanks to Liz at CraftyChick, for sharing these photos with us!

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